• Backsides: Zoo Animals

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    This photo book for young children lets them figure out which animal they're seeing from a new viewpoint—its backside! When they turn the page, they'll found out if they solved the mystery correctly. Sign in for a FREE coloring page and updates.

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    Backsides: Farm Animals
    Looking at the world from a new angle builds creativity and logic. Can you and your child identify a familiar animal from an unfamiliar end? It's fun--and turning the page shows the answer. A dozen adorable animals and fun facts about each.
    8x10 inches. Hardcover. Full color. 30 pages.
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    Backsides: Zoo Animals
    A fun book to help preschoolers puzzle out answers. These big, four-color pages show the rear view of zoo animals children are familiar with. Then, turning the page shows what animal the backside belongs to. Solving mysteries like this boosts creativity and logic—and kids get a kick out of it.
    Plus, there's a section of fun facts about each animal.
    Hardcover. 8x10 inches. 24 color photos.
    Coming soon
  • Help your child discover the world from different angles.


    All-Around Publishing is all about fun.


    While her children dawdled in zoos and museums and parks, publisher Lois Baron decided that the backside of many things are just as interesting as the more familiar front view. Nurture your child with books and working out puzzles, large and small.

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